Counselors’ Corner


Welcome to the Hammocks Middle School Counselors’ Corner. We hope that this page provides you with information which will help you assist your child in having an all-around successful school year. Please feel free to contact any member of the Student Services Department with any questions or concerns you may have.

Ms. Kerra Perez
Student Services Department Chairperson
Counselor Grade 6  and Grade 7 Last Names A – K

Ms. Ana Shaw
Counselor Grade 7 Last Names L – Z and Grade 8, and all ESOL students

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ORGANIZE: Sit with your child periodically and help him/her organize the book bag and all necessary school materials. Develop a system that is consistent and easy to use. Students often lose important worksheets and fail to turn in homework because they cannot find it.

HOME LEARNING: Home learning is an integral factor in fostering the academic achievement of students and in extending school activities into the home and community. Homework/home learning should provide reinforcement and extension of class instruction. It should serve as a basis for further study and preparation for future class assignments. Students are responsible for: completing assigned homework/home learning as directed; returning homework/home learning by the designated time; and submitting homework/home learning assignments that reflect attention to careful detail and quality. Additionally, the District’s Comprehensive Reading Plan mandates that all students read for thirty minutes each night. Hammocks Middle School provides students with a homework planner in which to write their assignments daily. Parents are encouraged to check the planner each evening and ensure that the students have completed the assigned work. Parents can enforce this by taking away privileges (short term is best) and giving rewards or privileges when this is done correctly.

HOMEWORK/HOME LEARNING HELP AND TUTORING: Check with individual teachers about free help sessions.


  • Does your child use a homework planner daily to keep track of assignments?
    Do you check your child’s grades on-line on a weekly basis?
    Do you regularly visit the school’s website for updates?
    Do you ask your child for the school calendar at the beginning of the month?
    Are you familiar with your child’s teachers, counselor and administrator?
    Are you aware of the many extracurricular activities that Hammocks provides?

CHECK YOUR CHILD’S GRADES ON-LINE: You can check your child’s grades on-line by logging on to and clicking on “Parent Portal”. In order to do this, you will need to come in person to the attendance office, with identification, to receive your child’s PIN number.

Grade Values for Annual and Semester Courses for Secondary Schools

The procedures for calculating grades for students in grades 6-12 have changed with the elimination of final and midterm examinations. For annual courses, each nine-week grading period will have a 25% value (weight) and for semester courses each nine-week grading period will have a 50% value (weight). Teachers may administer an assessment at the end of each nine-week grading period. The assessment may not exceed 5% of the nine-week grade for annual courses or 10% of the nine-week grade for semester courses. The provision for teacher override is applicable to both semester and annual courses.

Academic grades for students are based on a 4 point scale. Grade points will be determined for annual courses by multiplying each nine-week grade by 2.5, adding the grades for the four nine-weeks, and dividing this sum by 10. For semester courses, grade points are determined by multiplying each nine week grade by 5, adding the two-nine week grades, and dividing this sum by 10. This will determine how students earn points when applying the rule of earning 10 grade points to pass a course for grades 6-12. For students in grades 9-12, five points (“five point rule”) must be earned in the second semester to pass an annual course. For students in grades 6-8, the “five point rule” does not apply.

4 point scale  – Annual Courses – multiply by 2.5  – Semester Courses – multiply by 5
A: 4 points  – 10 points  – 20 points
B: 3 points  – 7.5 points – 15 points
C: 2 points  – 5 points  – 10 points
D: 1 point  –   2.5 points  – 5 points
F: 0 points  –  0 points  – 0 points

Please note that the numerical/letter grades are as follows:
3.50 – 4.00 = A (90-100)
2.50 – 3.49 = B (80-89)
1.50 – 2.49 = C (70-79)
.00 – 1.49 = D (60-69)
.00 – .99 = F (0-59)

Student Recognition Opportunities:

Demonstrating the “Value of the Month” during our Values Matters campaign
100% attendance during a nine week period
Honor Roll Assemblies
All “A’s” in conduct on their report cards
Administrator/Counselor/Teacher discretion
“Student of the Month”

Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Department of Mental Health Services
Parent Assistance Line

National Crisis Text Line
Text  741741 to connect to crisis counselor

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
(Call or Text) 988

Jewish Community Services-Miami Dade Helpline

Miami Dade Helpline

Trevor Lifeline (Crisis Support for LGBTQ Youth)
Text START to 678-678

Family Counseling Services

Institute for Child and Family Health

Miami Behavioral Health Center

Child Anxiety and Phobia Program

Here’s Help
(Substance Abuse Testing and Treatment)