Uniform Policy

Solid red, black, or white shirts with collars and sleeves.
HMS or HALS logo patches are recommended and should be placed on the upper left chest of the shirt.
No excessively long shirts; shirt length must not fall below the wrists.
Undershirts must be tucked inside of pants.
Sweaters and jackets should be solid red, black or white, with no hoodies.

Boys – Black or khaki long pants (docker style) to the ankle.
No denim jeans. Pants must be worn at original length and fitted at the waist with a belt.
Girls – Black or khaki long slacks (docker style) to the ankle or black or khaki skirts to the knee.

All bottoms are worn around the waste.  

No denim jeans. Pants must be fitted, neither baggy nor tight.

Shoes must be closed all around the foot.

No hoodie jackets are allowed on campus.  Jackets must be in solid red, black, white, or gray.

All students must wear their school identification around their neck, so it can be seen at all times while on school grounds.