iPad Updates & Technology Support

Instructional video about solving common iPad issues:

How To Get Your iPad Ready for Class – see the attachment below for step-by-step directions or click on this link https://documentcloud.adobe.com/link/track?uri=urn:aaid:scds:US:50ac9e14-8efb-46a8-8667-127fb8b2ea8b

Click on this link to see the services that our VILs Coach, Ms. Llano-Scherker provides to all stakeholders:  Coach Services from Ms. Llano-Scherker

When you can’t connect to WIFI on the iPad:

  • iPad should be at 50% or better charge 
  • turn off their WIFI on your phones (because we have limited access points)
  • click on home screen button twice quickly and sweep away all the screens that students have open
  • click on settings on home screen (looks like a silver cog or wheel)
  • when settings opens, make sure Airplane Mode is toggled off 
  • check WIFI by clicking it on, VIL or Dadeschools should work (also click on the little “i” next to VIL or Dadeschools, whichever one they are using, and turn “Private Address” off
  • if neither connects you, then click WIFI off and click on Cellular Data, toggle it on, and click roaming on (shouldn’t have WIFI & Cellular on at the same time – pick one or the other)
  • if none of this works, turn device off, wait a moment, turn device back on and have student try the steps again
  • if all else fails, then have the teacher create an ISM ticket to report the number of devices that could not connect to WIFI during that period of the day, in their room

Do you need iPad and/or App support?  Please complete the attached form below “Request for Tech Team Support During Distance Learning”, and email Ms. Llano-Scherker and/or Ms. Seaman for help.

​​​​Problems with you iPad, click on the QR Codes throughout the building.  Still can’t get things to work?  Then complete the request for help page located in the wall-pockets of the main office.  Ms. Llano-Scherker or the Tech Team and Ms. Seaman in room 604 will help you soon.

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